A distributed network of private yacy peers, excluding all others

I’m finding there is little info available for setting up yacy for Intranet site indexing. A common use is for a company, and often a company has may locations / divisions / websites.

I am trying to create a private network of an unknown number of machines. I would like instances of yacy on those machines to be peers of each other and no others.

If I used a custom port for yacy and only yacy instances configured with that same port would act as peers to each other and ignore all other yacy instances (such as those using default port 8090) that is one way to achieve what I’m looking to do. Are there other ways?

I installed yacy & edited the DATA/SETTINGS/yaca.conf to change the port. When I restarted yacy I noticed connections to many peers in the log. Why? How can those be eliminated as they are a concern for privacy.

If anyone has ideas, suggestions or could point me to documentation or articles to read that might help I would be very grateful.

maybe setting-up your own ‘network’ instead of ‘freeworld’ in /ConfigNetwork_p.html ?

didn’t try myself.