Ability to proxy search or track browsing to increase relevancy?

I tried YaCy in 2013 for a while and now I’m back trying it again. I’m impressed the project has continued and grown in the mean time. Thank all of you for sticking with it!

Three times already I have experienced search engines becoming more relevant for me as I adopted upcoming search engines, first Google, then DuckDuckGo and more recently Qwant. Working in IT, it is important to me that technical blogs and sites like StackOverflow are indexed. I’m quite forgiving for the order in which results are presented, I care more that relevant results are indexed so I can get to a relevant site in the presented results.

So my main aim to improve my YaCy experience is to add pages to my index that are relevant to me. How can I do that besides manually indexing domains?

Is there a way to proxy an existing search engine? So that the top results of another search engines like Qwant for the same search query are added to my index for use in the p2p network?

Or is there a way to trigger indexes based on my internet navigation history? I could imagine multiple ways to do so, like a manual ‘add to YaCy’ button, a manual index based on a a browsing history export, real-time indexing by linking my web browsing, or Yacy acting as an iframe portal to track pageviews in that way.

Are there any such solutions available to improve the YaCy index for me and the global network?