Add admin password?

I installed yacy abotu 2 months ago, then when rebooting the server, yacy stoppe working altogether. It would not run any more.

That’s fine, right? So, I created a new server for yacy to run on. I installed it. It runs fine.

It worked form the same server, I opened port 8090, and it truns.

I tried running from my PC to use it.

It needs a password.

I do nto have one. I use the script to TRY and make one.

It ask for new PW, I enter it.
It asks for host admin PW, I have no idea what this is? I entered the server log in password(Linux MINT has no admin user) for yacy server.
It failed.

I go back to the yacy server, and for anything I want to do, it now needs a password.

How do I set a password? There needs to be a way to do this for the local host interface. The passwd script does not work.

What is the default password?

start yacy up then go to

look on right hand side of page find this Protection

password-protected [Configure]
click config

Try you, In the file yacy.conf, write: adminAccountForLocalhost=true instead adminAccountForLocalhost=false, and go in the localhost.

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