Add tag or category per each site indexed?

Hi all,
Back to search functionalities after several years, and still select YaCy for my personal project. B.R.A.V.O. and thanks Michael and all again

So my question -that I forgot how I did it 6 years ago-
How can I set one or more tag or category to each site I enter in the GUI for crawling, and then in a remote html custom form use that to restrict the search to this or that tag or category ?
(if I remember i saw that in the old pink forum half in english half in germain, but can’t find it now)

And my 2nd question, but this one I am not sure it was possible:
What is the format for a text file with all sites to crawl, but also include for each start URL the crawl parameters (like depth, restict to sub dirs or not, reindex period … and tags or caterories in previous question) ?


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Hi Fabrice, welcome back!
“Category”: yes, you can set a “Collection” attribute when starting a crawl. That is also an input field in the simple crawl start. When you get a search result then you will have a collection facette which can be used to restrict to specific collections.

Crawl start: any text page that can be parsed is a crawl start document. It can be a text file with one url in each line or a simple html page. But you cannot have parameters attached to it.