Adding YaCy to Firefox Search menue

I had some difficulty trying to figure out how to do this, then made the discovery by accident.

Once YaCy is running, well first add a separate search bar in Firefox preferences, then when you open the YaCy search page, the option to add YaCy will appear when typing into the search field.

I thought this might be helpful to anyone trying to implement a convenient way to use YaCy in Firefox. It took me several weeks before I discovered this so perhaps it will save someone else some unnecessary time and frustration.


To make it even better, you can also set the shortcut to a easy to use keyword like @yacy and search from the address bar

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It looks like mozilla hid the option to add custom search engines but the option is still present.

See Set up custom default search URL | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

about:config, set browser.urlbar.update2.engineAliasRefresh to true, about:preferences, now you can “Add” to search engines.

I used http://localhost:8090/yacysearch.html?query=%252Flanguage%252Fen+%s as the Engine URL term.

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