APK for YaCy mobile?

I can’t find the APK for YaCy mobile, just the source code. Does anyone have a compiled APK

interesting, what is “YaCy mobile”? We had some simple attempts to have a mobile search front-ends, but that were just simple apps; like that one when I made a search for a CCC conference, got into the train to Hamburg and asked at twitter for ‘anyone’ to make an app and when I arrived the app was ready! That was amazing, but it never went into a status of beeing a part of the YaCy ecosystem.

Or did I miss/forget something?

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wow, yes Marc made that. I searched for a copy of that apk and found one, I will test it first…

I uploaded the apk here: Release Dev Release for 31c3.yacy.net · yacy/yacy_search_androidclient · GitHub

Please read the release notes … that thing is pretty useless right now because it tries to access 31c3.yacy.net – that was only active during 31C3.

oh wow I found a tweet about the app

… and a wiki page