::: Autocrawler

I start Autocrawler with the following settings:

Enable Autocrawler: [on]
Deep crawl every: 4
Rows to fetch at once: 100
Recrawl only older than # days: 1
Get hosts by query: host_s:*.ru OR host_s:*.su OR language_s:ru
Shallow crawl depth (0 to 2): 2
Deep crawl depth (1 to 5): 3
Index text: [on]
Index media: [off]

There are 73047 documents in the local index.
According to the specified query regex, Solr finds 66323 documents.
Pressed Save.
Reloaded Yacy.

No signs of work Autocrawler are visible. Automatic indexing of pages does not occur, requests to the queue are not added.
What do you need to configure that Autocrawler starts working?