Chaos Communication Camp 2019

The Chaos Communication Camp 2019 will happen on 21.–25.!

As far as I know at least two members of the YaCy Community will be there, @Low012 and me!
I would like to invite everybody who has a ticket (pre-sale has ended…:open_mouth:) to check in here so we can make a SearchLab village!

Is there anybody out there who wants to join us?


yes, I’d like to join. – vgrass

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I will probably not make it before noon on Thursday (day 2). When will the 2 of you be there?

I will be there noon on tuesday, day 0! We probably join Mario who reserved us space at the Belgium Embassy
Hope it will be cozy there…
@vgrass when will you be there?

Belgian Embassy sounds like fun to me. I’ll just try to find it once I arrive and I hope that there will be a little bit of space left for my tent.

Found the map - here is the location:

If this is too crowed, we can move to the nearby caravan place where it has trees, bushes and (maybe) flowers… I was in that corner last time and it was great!

There is also hardware hacking, a great place!

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Hej, I’ll be there from Wednesday mid-afternoon. Nice location, close to the lake ,-)

Great! but we did not go to the Belgian Embassy, it was too tight there, no space was left.
We are now at the Koopa Troopa Beach, even closer to the lake! (right in the center there, see also this marker:

We also have space for two more tents right now! @vgrass see you tomorrow!

Hej, even better! Thanks!

BTW, does anyone know how the Bassliner Shuttle from Berlin Ostbahnhof tomorrow at 12:00 works? First come first served? Anyway, I’ll get there.

See you tomorrow,

Got a bit late last night so I skipped the 12h Bassliner shuttle and will take the one at 17h.


Is there still any space left? I already read some Tweets by people who had problems finding a place for their tent apparently.

Yes! We tried to reserve enough space but someone squezed in while we had been in our susi workshop but still there is space for one more iglu-sized tent!

To wrap up… we had a great time! Unfortunately I was unable to get a LAN connection to the next Datenklo and therefore there was no YaCy available as search for the CCCamp19 file sharing…

However we had been active a lot and Mario and I did three SUSI.AI workshops. I also had a 5-minute lightning talk about SUSI:

Volker gave a talk about his 1999 (++) Conference “Wizards of OS” and the development of a “Welt-Enzyklopedia”, das Anthropozän und die Noosphäre:
I highly recommend to watch his talk!

Volker also mentioned YaCy as part of the Noosphäre, so please have a look what this means! I also recommend his blog

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