Clarification on crawling levels?


if i enter to be crawled, what is level 0 (the url entered or, in this case:, what is level 2, etc.

does level 0 = only words on that page?
does level 1 = level 0 + opens links of level 0 and indexes the words on those new opened pages?
does level 2 = level 1 + opens links on level 1 and indexes the words?


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yes, exactly!

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just a clarification: in this case level 0 is , correct?

I’ve tried advanced crawling with depth of 1 thinking that it would do pages under wiki (thinking that level 0 is, and frankly it didn’t do a thing. It finished to quickly to be noticed.

Then tried level 2, still same result.

Only when I’ve set it to level 3, then it starts doing “something” and going through the wiki pages for example

So I must be misunderstanding something.