Contributing the code and documentation

ok, while discussing the documentation and it’s editing by users, I tried to.
this is how I did.
Is that right in your opinion and could it be used as a guide for others?

#How to contribute to source code and documentation

Basically, your contribution to the code and documentation is possible using Create account there, fork the official repository, clone it to
your local machine, make a branch, modify files, commit changes to github.
Finally make a pull request, so your contribution could be merged into
master branch.

Step by step:

(or follow the github contribution guide
Contributing to projects - GitHub Docs)

##this is for the first time only

  git config --global ""
  git config --global "YOURUSERNAMEHERE"

##this is the regular workflow:

  • create a new branch under your working directory:
  git branch BRANCH-NAME
  git checkout BRANCH-NAME

where BRANCH-NAME is a name of your pack of changes

  • make changes in any files you want to modify

  • test if everything is working fine

  • describe your changes and schedule for upload:

  git add .
  git commit -m "a short description of the change"
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The github windows client changes all the line endings and the code wont work.
Do you know of a way to change the line endings in the windows client?