Crawl Error: "pause reason: network switch to defaults/"

I installed Yacy via Docker on my Synology NAS in “search portal”-mode. I started crawling some websites, but after a few minutes the crawler stops with following message:
“pause reason: network switch to defaults/”

Any ideas how to fix it?

Hi algorimas, first of all its interesting to see what strange options to install YaCy exists due to the existence of the docker image. I own a Synology NAS myself but I never tried that! Amazing!

The pause reason is clearly formulated: either you actually switched to the webportal mode or the message is completely misplaced. So: did you switch the network mode?

Thanks, now i discovered this Network Config below “Use Case”. No, I haven’t changed anything there. The error appeared a few hours after setup. After I started the crawler again, it has been running without problems for 3 days. Strange. I wanted to try Yacy again after a few years, i thought a 24h running NAS would be a good idea for a web spider.