Crawling through proxy while using normal network for YaCy to YaCy communication

Hi. I’m using Privoxy routed through Tor as a proxy for YaCy so I can index mass amounts of sites without getting my actual network banned. The issue with this is that YaCy also uses this proxy to communicate with other YaCy nodes, breaking my outbound connection. Is there any way to get YaCy to only index sites with my proxy, and communicate with other nodes through my normal network? I can use another server on the same network if I need to use a reverse proxy to the YaCy node if needed. I have a few hundred thousand pages indexed that I would like to contribute.

It specifically says this on the status page:

Transparent off   URL off
Remote: | Used for YaCy -> YaCy communication: Yes

So it seems like there might be a way to disable YaCy to YaCy communication through the proxy but keep crawling on?