Creating setup installer for Yacy with Nsis from Nullsoft with a Linux Zip

I am trying this installer from NullSoft

The Yacy setup must be run as admin in Windows 8 Compatibility which I change the settings before I Zip it.

I just need to create an uninstaller program in QB64 and test then I will share the link in this post. The old zip file is gone

I gave up on installing yacy into program files due to permission problems with a command prompt and not being able to start yacy once setup completes. I starts ok during setup phase.

I now install it to c:\YaCy runs ok.

Download links for testing dev v 1.926 windows and linux.
Right click save as

Windows run setup icon c:\YaCy

Linux unzip run ./ in your folder.

Looks like I’m Donating a 1 CPU 1 GB NextCloud host to the YaCy project for awhile.

My current windows release wont run the setup icon to a custom folder works ok from C:\YaCy.
The Setup.exe and Setup.bat work in any folder ok.