Current state of YaCy

How is the YaCy project doing?

Can we somewhere see the growth in YaCy users over time?

Has there been much development recently, much code improved?

As I see the growth isn’t big. But I will provide some more instances so this will help. The community is not very big, but it’s still living.

I think it would be help to tell more people about it. Many people do not know this project…


There are a lot of people fed up with the Big Data companies right now who would love a Free alternative, particularly because search results are being censored.

I think packaging YaCy so that installation and configuration is easier would encourage people. Perhaps Sandstorm would be one good place to begin:

Sandstorm makes installing apps easier for people and more secure.

I think supporting YaCy on Vesta might encourage people to use it too:

Currently, YaCy is actually easy to install, and it works right away, but the configurations to get it to work well with other instances is a bit tricky.

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Matter or where it is seen/used. I have put it in my torrents site. It went straight up to 256Seeds & 42peers … suggesting there is a lot of interest. I think it will grow a lot in 2020. Academically speaking it is a paradox or flip-side of ‘economies of scale’ (actually very much like single torrent files). It takes a while to get to the critical mass (feed = demand-1), then way it goes. 256/42 @3.22 is right up there (after 22 minutes).

Very close to critical mass, so enjoy the peace (here) while it lasts.



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well i’m at least 1 person that has joined :smile: .
using yacy along side a pleroma instance.
and attempting to proxy through tor.
not indexing , just proxy (*/proxy.html?url=https://subdomain.domain.tld).