Custom YaCy "Splash" page

It seems that Yacy is pretty much a full fledged web server, or at least a basic web server, aside from searching and crawling to index the web.

Here is my first custom Web Page, served directly from YaCy:

Just a screenshot:


Click on the “Custome Page” link.

or use this direct link:

If that doesn’t work, My laptop is offline.

I may end up switching the search page with the splash page making the splash page index.html and rename the search page searchpage.html (or something) if that doesn’t break anything.

For the local information kiosk, a local community oriented “Splash” page with a variety of local buttons and links, one of which would be search.

Nice if all the regional Kiosks could also be combined as a local area search “cluster”.

What I think is lacking with the so-called “World Wide Web” is it opens up the world, but not so much the local neighborhood, local events and the community right where people live.

Portals, like Facebook, make compiling lists of local area links difficult. Instead of ordinary web-pages, many are behind some kind of membership wall, some facebook or other page that necessitates logging in.

Originally, the way the web was intended and designed is every internet service provider or access provider supplied space on their server for a personal web-page, but this has been almost entirely neglected. Instead everybody just posts on facebook or somewhere, which is actually almost entirely inaccessible without an account on facebook. It can’t really be linked to, or even spidered or searched.

That is not how the web was intended to work.

What a tragedy when one of these centralized services shuts down and everyone’s pages are lost.

The internet needs to go back to being more locally “home grown”.

Just a very basic html page, not optimized for mobile or anything, but doesn’t look bad on the phone in landscape:

Of course, no reason it couldn’t be more mobile friendly, with a little more work.

I’ve run into a bit of a conundrum.

On YaCy’s “Portal Configuration Page” there is a field that reads:

"Default index.html Page (by forwarder) [______________________]

This works great for making my “custom splash page” the default index page that comes up when the browser/portal is open.

The issue presents itself, though, when I wish to link from the “SPLASH” page back to the SEARCH page.

Any link to index.html from Custom_Splash_Page.html (or, presumably, anywhere else) is instantly forwarded back to Custom_Splash_Page.html rendering the search interface effectively unreachable.

Changing index.html to search.html results in bizarre behavior.