Documentation: Wiki

many questions repeat in this forum and since there is plenty of experienced users, it would be handy the users could edit the documentation in wiki. Currently the wiki interface at En:Start – YaCyWiki is in german only. Could it be swithed to english, please? Furthermore, the “Benutzerkonto erstellen” (registration, I suppose) returns 500 internal server error.
I believe, that wiki user-editing could improve the documentation a lot and since the developers are sparse, at least the better documentation could help both beginners and advanced users.


I agree, I was looking to integrate the search server with web server but no luck if find any valuable documentation. Yacy has huge potential and lack of documentation just holds it to get more popular.

I am about to give up the wiki and transfer everything that is of value to the YaCy home page.
This can be maintained also by volunteers by sending a pull request to


where already some info is.

Information shifted there is available in the pages

but it’s not yet linked on the homepage and it’s incomplete. Changes in the git repository of the home page is automatically published, so as soon as a pull request is done it will show up sometime later.

This is too much work for me alone and I need volunteers. Please @all look at the old wiki pages and make pull requests to the YaCy home page repository!