Error documents: what are and how to get rid off them?

I’m new here in the community.
I have started an instance of YaCy, until now I’m quite happy, but there are yet a couple of things that I don’t fully understand (ok, maybe more than a couple).
One of them are the “error documents”. When I enter the “Index Import/Export” there is this message there:
The local index currently contains 7,742,432 documents, only 6,781,976 exportable with status code 200 - the remaining are error documents.
Did somebody have the same problem? Is there a way to fix it?

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I have tried yacy for many years
I have tried yacy on low end hardware from Pentium 4 CPU ewaist era.
Translate use a computer at least 10 years old at the Time.
I still go to the rubbish tip and repair computer
Not much has changed in 20 year just the pile of space getting smaller

Do you use new HDD or new SSD in your peer?
Generally it’s I have found its quick er to report bug wait and tourcher a bit more wait some time and clone again.
I have some unofficial yacy versions on my GitHub account very public experiment :test_tube:

I read the creater
or stapment many years ago and decided this thing would be useful in my future for the use of reaseah. About my internal combustion engine.
I love engineering engines.