Frustration - Cannot be reached

I have spent quite a while trying to get this YaCy instance configured so that efforts here can be shared with the wider YaCy community. I am failing to get a basic YaCy instance to connect to peers. The topography is this:

server- Router - VPN - YaCy

If I don’t find some solutions, this instance will have to permanently leech off the rest of the network.

Some progress has been made. YaCy has now been configured so that it connects and runs in senior mode. However, this only works without the VPN running. If The computer connects to the internet using the VPN, YaCy no longer runs in Senior Mode.

To try and fix this problem, we port forwarded 8090 on the VPN, but that hasn’t worked for some inexplicable reason. Any suggestions or ideas?

Maybe switching off UPnP or open UPnP on the firewall helps. This here explains how you can open UPnP on IPfire: Opening Firewall Port 8090 is not Enough: uPnP is Missing