Generic Linux YaCy updates?

I’ve been noticing that there seemed to be changes to YaCy since I last installed it.

Ranking, for example, uses slider bars instead of typing in a number.

I recently again installed YaCy, but the generic version for linux again, but it appears to be no different than when I installed it before.

Are the updates only being applied to the main versions for Windows etc. but not the generic Linux version?

versions with same version number should be same

I used what is on the download page:


Is that the most recent version?

Maybe I’m just seeing “Skins” people have added. Which would just be appearance rather than core functionality. If so then I just haven’t figured out how to add a skin.

I figured it out I think. One of the videos I saw recently:

The look of YaCy is very different, but re-watching the video I see now he mentions he is using “one of the pre-configured themes” (dark theme).

I just never came across that before. Wasn’t aware there were additional themes.


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just open /ConfigAppearance_p.html and select a skin.

This config page has a hack inside which forces the browser to reload the css file, but as soon as you go to any other YaCy page the browser may remember the previously selected skin. In that case you must do (only once) a hard refresh, here in my browser this is done my holding shift while clicking on reload.

To make your own skin: look inside DATA/SKINS/. Make a copy of the one which is most similar to what you want to style, name it and edit it. As soon as you put any css file in that path, it appears in /ConfigAppearance_p.html and you can select it.

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@Tom_Booth DT rocks! It’s how i first heard about YaCy

Well, I found this is very easy from within YaCy using the graphical interface. (Or, is that what you mean by "just open /ConfigAppearance_p.html

Ah, yes, that is in the browser address bar, but how would anyone using YaCy in the graphical browser know what button to click on to get there?

I found skins in the admin area under “Portal Design”:

Just make a selection from the drop down menu e. And hit “Use”. As can be seen from the background I’ve already selected “dark”. Much easier on the eyes!


Still running in kiosk mode BTW, but posting from my phone, as there is no way to do normal computer stuff like screen capture and photo editing to post images on a kiosk

Well, it could be possible, if I configured it that way, to boot multiple programs, including an image editor on boot up. I guess.

Yacy on a Porteus Kiosk is, IMO Totally Awesome, and should be completely secure as Porteus burns the ISO as read only, unless someone has a good reason to configure it otherwise, but even then it is just the persistence data in one file, (I Think) that is writable.

But don’t quote me on that.

The stability of this system Porteus+YaCy seems rock stable, running off a dirt cheap flash drive on a box with no hard drive or other storage medium.

Very different from windows where all sorts of weird things are going on constantly, pinned cpu, memory maxing out, hard drive whizzing for no apparent reason, wireless activity blinking for no apparent reason, just SILENCE.

The speed at which search results come back is much faster and everything generally seems much more responsive.

The ISO with Porteus and Yacy, is I think, still well under 500 Mb. I think under 300 Mb.

So even on the cheapest USB drive I could find there is still 20+ gigs of persistent storage for indexing, in theory, if I can get it configured. But right now I’m having too much fun, and I need to work on some other non-internet related this weekend, so it may be a few days before I resume work on this again.