Help with indexing multiple URLs (Intranet mode)

I’m using Yacy in private mode and set up as the intranet use case. I have multiple locally hosted websites that I want to index and search. I manually add the URL to start the crawler but I noticed that after the first crawl is completed and when I start a second crawl, the original index is deleted?

What I’ve been doing

  1. Add URL 1 to crawl
  2. Test search against URL 1 and it succeeds
  3. Add URL 2 to crawl
  4. Test search against URL 1 again and now it shows no results

It seems like the second crawl replaced the index of the first crawl? Is that how it’s supposed to work?

In order to add the second url, try to use “Advanced Crawler” and under section “Clean-Up before Crawl Start” select “Do not delete any document before the crawl is started.”

Thank you very much ! That did the trick.