How do you backup yacy folder/index/etc?


how do you quickly backup your yacy data/index/etc ?

My yacy folder has an estimated used space of 500GB.
I’m doing a weekly differential backup with rsync, but sadly it seems that all files are changed. So essentially it’s backing up the entire 500GB each run (weekly) which takes a long time.

In yacy advanced configuration, I’ve changed filesize.max.other from 8589934591 to 1589934591, hoping that splitting files into smaller size that they wouldn’t “all” be changed. But it doesn’t help.

I then tested compression with 7zip of a few files and even if files are reduced to a 5th of their original size, the compression takes much longer than simply copying them.

So besides getting a second drive and split the backup into those 2 drives, hoping for a 2x backup speed, what else is there? How do you people backup your yacy?


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