How to add yacy to firefox? I get a 404 error

Hello, I installed Yacy recently to a rpi4, and I have a few questions.

  1. I added it to my list of search engines, but then performing a search I get a 404 Not Found - nginx, but going to mydomain/yacy it works fine.
  2. It’s eating my cpu on every new search, does it gets better with time as searches will be indexed?
    3.I can’t access the admin page to give it more ram, the page keeps loading forever.

Thanks in advance for this great instrument of freedom.

Hi, I’m afraid that the reason is RPi, YaCy is really memory hungry.

But you can try to enlarge the amount of RAM dedicated to YaCy, if there is still some free memory. Swap file could help as well, but probably with the impact on performance.

Increasing the memory should be possible IMHO even from the config file: DATA/SETTINGS/yacy.conf, e. g. setting:


will give YaCy 13 GB of RAM.