How to boost YaCy

To all YaCy users!

Many of us run YaCy for a long time and put serious effort in it. Obviously there is an increasing use of the YaCy net as there is an increasing need of alternative search engines.

For some reason the number of participants is stuck at some level.

Who would like to join in order to boost the market presence of YaCy?


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What and how do you imagine?


I’m totally new, just installed it yesterday. For a newby, the admin interface with all the settings and stuff you need to tweak and adjust can be a bit overwhelming.

I assume, Yacy would benefit from many more nodes, each doing a little bit of work. To achieve that, it should be much easier, something like just putting up a docker container and forget about it. Minimal configuration. I’m struggling to get Yacy working reliably on my Raspberry Pi, to the extent that the Pi freezes up repeatedly. Since I love selfhosting, and try to de-google myself as much as possible, I’ll keep trying to get it to work. But others might just give up and chuck it when possibly only a little tweaking would solve the issues.

So my suggestion would be to make it very very simple and easy to setup and start. Apple style, like my 2 year old can already unlock the iPad and play his videos. Having plenty of settings and adjustment possible is fine, but the basics should be dead easy to get it (and keep) going.



I cannot say that I am brand new to the YaCy world. Nevertheless, as a YaCy user, I still see myself in the group of beginners and, in my opinion, that will stay that way until I get the server load distribution under control.

I agree with you that YaCy has a fairly high entry level, especially for newbies, but it is manageable. It is a bit easier for people who have had experience with open source projects in the past, for example. Fortunately, I had some experience with the OpenSim open source project, which in my opinion prepared me for YaCy.

A general division of YaCy into a professional area and a YaCy for beginners would, in my opinion, be the way forward. The way YaCy is right now, it’s great for professionals. In the beginner mode, the CPU & Ram load should be easier to regulate, e.g. by simply setting percentages. 40% CPU and ram power for new crawls, 40% CPU and ram power for recurring crawls and 20% for the server itself including search queries from users. I would have wished for something like that at the beginning, because the water I had to jump into from my point of view of knowledge was pretty cold.

At the moment my biggest problem is to learn the load distribution and then to set YaCy so that 40% / 40% / 20% distribution becomes a real state on my YaCy server. More and more often I wait far too long for pages to load in the admin area, because once again there are many more crawlers in the queue because I misjudge the overall size of some websites. Something like that quickly leads to a loss of fun with the search engine.

Greetings Patrick


Das ich ganz neu in der YaCy Welt bin, kann ich von mir nicht behaupten. Trotzdem sehe ich mich als YaCy Anwender noch in der Gruppe der Anfänger und das wird aus meiner Sicht auch so bleiben, bis ich die Serverlastverteilung in den Griff bekommen habe.

Ich stimme mit dir überein, das YaCy gerade für Neulinge ein ziemlich hohes Einstiegsneveau hat, aber es ist schaffbar. Die Personen, die z.B. Erfahrungen mit Open Source Projekte in der Vergangenheit sammeln durften, ist der Einstieg etwas leichter. Ich hatte zum Glück ein paar Erfahrungen mit dem Open Source Projekt OpenSim sammlen können, was mich nach meiner Meinung etwas auf YaCy vorbereitet hat.

Eine generelle Unterteilung von YaCy in einen Profibereich und einen YaCy für Anfänger, wäre nach meiner Ansicht der zukünftige Weg. So wie YaCy jetzt gerade ist, ist es für Profis super. Beim Anfänger Modus sollte die CPU & Ram Last einfacher regulierbar sein z.B. durch einfaches festlegen von Prozente. 40% CPU und Ram Power für neue Crawls, 40% CPU und Ram Power für wiederkehrende Crawls und 20% für den Server selber inkl. Suchanfragen von Benutzer. Sowas hätte ich mir für den Anfang gewünscht, denn das Wasser in das ich von meinen Wissenstandpunkt springen musste, war doch ziemlich kalt.

Zur Zeit ist mein größtes Problem die Lastverteilung zu erlernen und YaCy dann so einzustellen, das 40%/40%/20% Verteilung ein realer Zustand auf meinen YaCy Server wird. Ich warte immer öfter viel zu lange auf das Laden von Seiten im Adminbereich, weil wieder einmal viel mehr Crawler in der Warteschleife hängen, weil ich die Gesamtgröße mancher Webseiten falsch einschätze. Sowas führt sehr schnell zu Spaßverlust an der Suchmaschine.

Grüße Patrick


Getting it into more distribution package managers would be a step forward. I can’t believe this decade+ old project isn’t in my repo. That would at least lower the barrier to entry by a little bit for anyone looking to get into web crawling.

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For me, the biggest problem in using YaCy is that there’s no official instance running. I wouldn’t mind trying to use it as my default search engine for a while and if things look good, then run my own instance to contribute to the network.

@Orbiter is there a reason there’s no official instance?

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There are two valid answers here:

  • you did not find it, it’s here:
  • I am not promoting this like “on a front page”, it’s just a demo peer which you can find in the following click path: → Demo → (at the bottom in the left menu) YaCy Demo Peer

I explain this since 18 years: the YaCy project is not about the construction of a search portal, it is about the development of a software that the user should run themself. A prominent portal would destroy that target.

However, since this is permanently requested: a portal will be provided with a follow-up project at