How To Enable Solr/Lucene Query Syntax?

How To Enable Solr/Lucene Query Syntax ?

First of all thank you for making this useful software.

My question is How To Enable Solr/Lucene Query Syntax ?.
I knew that yacy is based on either Solr OR Lusene …
But the “OR” Boolean Operators like this:
“jakarta apache” && “Apache Lucene”
“jakarta apache” OR jakarta
title:“The Right Way” AND text:go
(description:blue OR color:blue)^=1.0 text:shoes
and Wildcards like this:
and also Fuzzy Searches like this:

All of them don’t work … so is there any way or setting option to make them work ?..
Even if the solution is difficult … i will try to follow the given instructions …
If there is no way to make it for now … Can you add this as an option in the next Yacy version ?.

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Even though it’s a pretty old topic, I’d be very interest in the answer, too : )

I’m especially missing the asterisk (*) wildcard operator.