How to remove a certain type of files from Solr index (i.e .png or .svg)

Hi, is there a way to delete from Solr index a certain type of files? For instance I’d love to delete .svg and .png files.

Thank you

Thats easy. Go to Index Deletion /IndexDeletion_p.html

  • In the first text window “Delete by URL Matching” enter i.e. .*\.png for PNG files.
  • check the radio button “matching with regular expression”
  • hit “Simulate Deletion”. This does not actually delete anything, but enables the button “Engange Deletion” and show how many documents would be deleted.

Now you can decide if you actually want to do this and

  • click on “Engange Deletion”.

This cannot be undone.

The String that you entered here is a regular expression. Details are explained here: Pattern (Java Platform SE 7 )

Just replace the png with svg and repeat.

Hi Orbiter, no luck with the delation. I mean even the interface is saying deleted, documents are still there and even if I try to re-delate them (also after days), the index is not changed and I still have png files. Any suggestions?
Thank you for you answer