I have used Yacy and the DNS of a Pihole with my blocklist for a 6 years now

Hi, I’m sharing the IP of my Dnsmasq server. It forwards and load balances DNS requests to the piholes, there is few at the moment.

This is a free public status monitor by uptimerobot I have a monitor for Yacy also, its been crashing a lot last week.

Skyhole Status Page

More info on The Pi-Hole and install instructions.

I have shared my blocklists for 6 years and there stored on Github.
Also you can add the link or store the blocklist in the webserver of the Pi-Hole.

The allhosts blocklist for the pi-hole.

I have been running a Dnsmasq server on my Yacy PC. Just experimenting really.

Ive been crawling a site and you end up with this and it stops the queue. You can add the sites that do this and are no interest to the pihole blacklist so it wont happen again.
Another use is a clear Yacy’s Blacklist. I think the crawler runs faster, Maybe need more testing.

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