Inaccurate search results in topic-oriented search portal

I am having trouble with Yacy returning results for searches that are incorrect.

For example, I indexed into the server.
When I then search for peptide hydrogel
I get a result like this:


This result suggests that the links will lead to a page that has a reference to ‘peptide’ but when I click on the link the page it leads to does not have anything to do with peptides.

This is just one example… I have a lot more… sometimes the same second line is repeated in multiple results… often it will be the name of a scientific paper… but again. when I click on the links I get a page that is unrelated.

I’m wondering if my index has become corrupted in some way?
Should I delete everything and start again ?
Or upgrade Yacy?


Just to follow up on this, if I do the same search on google I get a different result and a link to a document IS in fact relevant to the query…

So, this might be a good test case for you.