Index Browser Format

The page for Index Browsing would be improved by including the following two headings:

Host | URLs

Currently, the page is spammed with “URLs”, since there is no column heading. Reformatting in this way would also help copy/pasting cleanly into a spreadsheet, as currently the host and the number of URLs are conflated into the same field.

Hello isle.

It’s true that the index browser is not applicable for exporting data into Excel or some other table structured application or whatever.
What I can give you as a user is a statistics page that I am working on. For example you can get an overview of the top 10 most links for a yacy peer ( And the index browser is exactly the page I am parsing and importing into my database.
Over the last weeks I had not much time to develop new functions. But if you want to export such information I could extend the table to a full list of all domains indexed by a specific peer.

Kind regards

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Your stats page is lovely, akdk7. Thanks for creating and maintaining it.

With the time you have available, one thing I would like to see is a live page of currently accessible, publicly searchable instances of YaCy. This would be useful for people who don’t want to install YaCy, but just want to search using the YaCy network. If there were an option on the page to submit your own instance with the webpage, that would be great. If YaCy integrated this that would be even better. Perhaps there is something in the “Principal” peers mechanism which could accomplish this. (Where is the documentation on uploading from YaCy to an FTP server, by the way?)

There are a couple of examples of Free Software code for this in other web based projects. For example, when the maintainer dropped out of invidious, this page was useful:

The Jitsi project has a page with similar functionality (Free or non-Free Java might be a possible thing to include)