Installing Yacy on a VPS with Ubuntu 20.04 - change port

Hello everyone!
I am interested in installing YaCy on my server with Ubuntu 20.04 and providing the search engine available on the Internet with a domain name like

YaCy works on port 8090, but I want to change the port to another one.

I have two questions:

  1. Is it worthwhile to make the engine public on the Internet?
  2. Whether the previous answer is positive, how do I change the port from 8090 to another one?

I look forward to receiving a reply from you.

All the best

Check out this article:

yacy/yacy_search_server: Distributed Peer-to-Peer Web Search Engine and Intranet Search Appliance (

This is a simple port redirect from 8090 to 80.

You may also use apache as reverse proxy. This has some advantages, as you can use TLSv1.3, HTTP/2 and adjust SSL ciphers.

This is what I did on

Result on SSL Labs: SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)


Thank you very much.

I need some clarifications, please:

  • I use NGINX and have other services on ports 80 and 8090. Thus, I would use another port like - for example - 8077 with a reverse proxy in the NGINX conf file; I was wondering whether it is possible to change the port not from a command line (forward port 80 to 8090 with iptables), like you pointed out, but changing it in the config file (I see that /DATA/SETTINGS/yacy.conf has the value port=8090). Is it possible to change only that value? Then, I will set the nginx file conf with a proxy pass on the port I will choose.
  • The second aspect is related to the Admin section (I see on your instance), which is publicly accessible. Does it not interfere with the instance admin? Is it so, right?
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Is there anyone who can answer and help me?

Hi, should be possible, IMHO, but never tested.
Can you just test it and post the results and config?
Could be included in FAQ for others, later.