IPV6 and peer list in in 'free world' Network

It is a question and not a real problem. I see that some are indicated with ipv4 and ipv6.
My installation works in ipv4 and ipv6 (some peers connect to me with their ipv6) but yet I don’t have the mention in the list (as here in example with the 4 and the 6 indicated).


What can explain this?


Hi, i had the same problem. Check staticIP filed in /Settings_p.html?page=ServerAccess - i filled in ipv4 address during some testing and forgot about it. When i deleted the entry, i got v4 and v6 mark in the network status.

EDIT: OK i was wrong, it does not help at all :confused:

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The IPv6 indicator is constructed by the information that remote peer give when connecting them. If they “see” a client address from IPv6, they report this to your own peer during the “peer-ping” process.

So far that is an experiment to get this running with IPv4 but it is not very successfull all the time.
If your peer does not have the IPv6 tag then maybe any of the remote peers did not report your IPv6 address as such.

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