Is it possible to download all the data from peers?

New to yacy so sorry if it’s a stupid question.

I know yacy is P2P but is there some sort of consensus-based search engine index that is downloadable? Like a huge database of all that has been indexed by the peers.

Basically I’m looking for the equivalent of openstreetmaps in the search engine world.
Or in monero (p2p) when you sync its blockchain.

I dont think that the creators of YaCy want you to do that, even though I have seen many people ask for it. YaCy is not customizable so you cant modify anything to suit your needs. Even to fix spelling errors.
Its a great Beta product. It needs just a little more to be a Awesome product for the real word.

Ok too bad that would be great to have an open search index accessible by everyone, same as WikiData and Openstreetmaps.

Not related to this question but I tried to install gigablast, a yacy alternative but it doesn’t even have an up to date docker container (last one is 3 years ago)

Well this just looks nice in the beginning but it does not lead to a feasible solution in the end. You must ask yourself “what do I want to achive?”. Maybe you will then be able to ‘own’ an index to one billion (or more) webpages. The next step is, to find out that Solr (currently the indexing service within YaCy) scales good to about 10 Million Webpages, thus you would need 100 Servers yourself to run that index in a proper way. Ultimately you would find out that distributing that index to 100 volunteers would be a better idea and thats what YaCy is doing.

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