Linux install, YaCy admin access over web - is this even possible?

After having installer issues with a local machine trying ot set up a test yaCy install. I switched to linux install via a web host.

http:// server-ip:8090

For whatever reason I cannot access it over the web.

Firewall ports are open, what might be preventing access :thinking: perhpas a default config need to be changed, or, it was never designed to work this way, or, something more stooopidly obvious?

Insight, pointers and help in advance much appreciated.

Also to add this is purely to test and have a look in. This install is temp so don’t care about that port being open for a few hours or a couple of days.

Perhpas it’s a case of how do we route access via 80 or 443, is this a yacy.init config option?

Yes, its a headless install. My hosting provider had to install Java on my VPS (somehow it was removed) but it is on now and works good. I Found it was easier to install Ubuntu on an old machine to play with.

Try a curl to localhost:8090 on the machine. If that works this is not a YaCy problem. If the curl does not work, your yacy instance is not running.