Many encyclopedias now YaCy-searchable at

@Orbiter it’s been a while since we chatted on Twitter (tbc0). The Knowledge Standards Foundation has a YaCy instance: We are indexing only articles out of digital encyclopedias, FWIW. Our developer Sergei V. Chekanov (svchekanov) announced it. We are still learning how to maintain the system and how to tune it to ignore non-encyclopedic pages.


great! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Might I suggest a free DNS host that I use.
Please try test case First…
Cuts noise out of data…
I run no blacklist in yacy. Improve performance by not having to check.
Would be happy to try other block list’s.
This is a totally unsupported configure ration…

Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t think we’re having a problem with noise in our data, though.

Had a quick look.
There is quite a bit of advertising on some of the sites.
I am not used to advertise ments stuff normal y because My pihole blocks it out.

Idea ask to reproduce website content on your own host?
Then index it…

As it turns out, we do reproduce content in the encyclosphere, which you can see at our two showcased aggregators: EncycloReader and EncycloSearch. At Encyclone we have many more encyclopedias. Not practical to reproduce content there.