Mobile YaCy Lite

Will there ever be a lite version of YaCy for Mobile phones?

In order to make YaCy a viable alternative to Big Tech search engines like Google, Bing, DuckduckGo, Yandex, Qwant ect… A search engine must be accessible on a mobile phone. Many people are Craving a free open non-censored search engine but YaCy is stuck with a desktop version only.

The Frontend is also not beginner friendly and needs a makeover or the ability to add a custom skin.
there should be a setting to allow Advanced user mode and a normal mode with basic user settings.

YaCy development appears to be at a point where it is considered “mature” with few, if any, new features being added. One thing you could try and do is access YaCy through a SearX instance, which may have a better front end for mobile use.

The relevant engine portion of SearX settings.yml:

name : yacy
engine : yacy
shortcut : ya
base_url : 'http://localhost:8090'
number_of_results : 5
timeout : 3.0

And then limit it in the SearX search box with: “!ya (search query)”

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