Network scanning CJDNS?

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This would simply be using the Intranet scan on the cjdns address range, but that is on IPv6 on a not-so-default network adapter. Hence the question.

Welcome @parnikkapore!

Well we can do network scanning and that also in an intranet. But the current network scanner uses a IPv4 address schema. So the current scanner is not an option for you.

However there should not be a problem crawling the cjdns network, as long as you find a start address.
The most embarrassing thing is, that YaCy is probably not good at IPv6 Address handling. You should give it a try anyway.

Happy to report that crawling from a start address works so far! Wunderbar! :grinning:

I hope there will be another DHT up on that overlaynet soon :wink: