Neues Release von Yacy?


ich habe nach langer Zeit mal wieder Yacy installiert. Das letzte Release ist 1.92/9000 und ungefähr 2 Jahre alt. Es gab doch schon einige Commits , doch leider findet er bei mir keine Updates zum installieren.


Hallo bbtuxi, willkommen (zurück!) hier im neuen Forum!

Also ich hab mir fest vorgenommen in den nächsten Tagen beim #cccamp19 ein neues Release zu machen, und ggf. auch mal anständige Docker container zu bauen… Und wenn ich mich ganz doll zusammenreisse kommt vielleicht noch ein CI/CD dazu um automatisiert dev-releases zu deployen.

Aber es kann auch sein… na hoffentlich nicht.

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Hello @Orbiter
I think this is related.
Last release in 2016? I see commits, but no new release.

Well I actually worked on the release and published it at the new home page, but without setting a release tag. At the version is now available, I wanted to silently test out if that is working for everyone (after I tested it on a large set of OS). Next step is only to increase the version number to 1.93 and set a release tag.

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Sorry to be that late. I did not received any e-mail notification.
Thank you for the links and your hard work.
To help you and YaCy, please consider, flatpak and liberapay.

Thanks again!


using v1.922/9964 the following exception is thrown:

W 2019/11/25 19:06:53 ConcurrentLog Negative seek offset Negative seek offset at at at net.yacy.kelondro.blob.Heap.add( at net.yacy.kelondro.blob.Heap.insert( at net.yacy.kelondro.blob.BEncodedHeap.insert( at net.yacy.kelondro.blob.BEncodedHeap.update( at net.yacy.kelondro.blob.Tables.update( at at at$6.process( at$6.process( at net.yacy.kelondro.workflow.InstantBlockingThread.job( at at java.util.concurrent.Executors$ at at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at

it happens during the usage of the ‘Re-crawl index documents’ function. What’s happening? Are some of my BLOBs corrupted? If so, is there a method to repair them?



Kompletter Stacktrace

Occurs even during bootstrapping YaCy :frowning:

I’ve just created a video of the negative seek offset exception during excessive crawling: