New node launched and some questions

Hi guys, I launched new node and testing in yacy search network. My node specification is not bad - i3 Intel NUC, 8GB, Ubuntu with 0.5TB SSD space. All this with 350 Mbit/s business grade link. Firewall already open on port 8090 all work good. I was looking for the documentation but is a bit weak therefore can somebody answer me the following:

  • how yacy server manage dead links and remove them from index?
  • what is recommended way to remove duplications?
  • any documentation about the heuristics?
  • how is the autocrawl configured? How it works? does use dictionary for url names?



Start a new re-Crwal Job unter /IndexReIndexMonitor_p.html und check [Delete URLs].

On my node I have configured this job to recrawl every day an 1 a.m. to remove dead links. For now, this seeams to work as expected.

It looks like job started to run. Thanks for help with this.