New To Yacy - Problems with it Hanging

 I just recently installed yacy, it's I hope installed as a "Senior" node however I have it proxied through

Apache for https access by my customers, so it is raw at and proxied

 For some reason after operating a number of hours it just locks up.  The process is still running but it stops responding.  The scropt locks also at this point so I end up doing a killall -u yacy; killall -9 -u yacy (I have it running under UID yacy) and then restart it and it works again, for a while.

Do you just run the or configured a systemd?
Here is a basic config file you might find useful

Description=YaCy search server




Don’t forget to change user and path.

Thank you. I was starting out of /etc/rc.local but this is better. I added a couple of After items to it so it
waits for the network to come up and for an NFS mount point of a partition it is using.

You’re getting a lot of images here, maybe you’d like to reduce that to save memory
in /Settings_p.html?page=crawler
You can set HTTP Crawler Settings: to 100kbytes or 1000 as the default is set to 10mb.