Older YaCy Forums

I’ve been trying to educate myself about the inner workings of YaCy and how to use it, configure it and general FAQ type questions, so I wanted to spend some time reading through some of the older forums. Here for example: http://forum.yacy-websuche.de/viewforum.php?f=20

I can access the forum and view all the forum topics but when I click any of the thread links I get an error:

Is this a permanent situation?

Are there other similar older or more active forums to brows? I’d like to learn as much as possible as quickly as I can. This isn’t intended as a complaint but there seems to be little activity here and the average response time to questions seems to average around 48 hours.

At the same time I don’t want to ask questions that have already been answered a thousand times elsewhere.

On the other hand, if this is the only active YaCy forum, and it needs more content, maybe repeat questions are welcome.

Is there a comprehensive “Frequently asked questions” or “new user manual” somewhere I could read?

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the old forum is broken, tables are missing. We already have another topic about it: Import des alten Forums ins neue Forum

There exist two dumps of the old forum, one with some years back until 2012 (I guess) and another one where the most recent year is missing but going much older (somewhere 2009?). Both dumps must be programmatically transferred into something which can be imported here.

The steps would be

  • find an intermediate import format, something which can be the source to import topics here
  • transcode both old dumps into that transfer format
  • eliminate doubles (because there is an overlapping)
  • set up a testing zone for import attempts (a copy of this forum)
  • find a concept to match old users with new users and consider
    • that we don’t have all users here from the old forum (we had there over 1000)
    • GDPR issues (are we allowed to import the content? Can we import them as anonymous postings? Do we have to find anon-nicks for that)

I thought that would have been able to sort out these problems before setting up a new forum and that was also one of the reasons that it took so long to set up a new forum.

As far as GDPR, I would think knowingly signing up and participating openly in a public forum is proof enough of consent, at least as far as the visible, informative posts, questions and answers etc. on the forum, this would not reveal any personal data or identifying information such as IP address. Unless knowingly and openly posted, for example I always use my real name on forums by choice. Often have my contact information and location, phone # address, Facebook page etc. By posting here I grant permission for the information to be displayed perpetually forever. I’m not in the EU but from what I understand, you just need consent, which, if not explicit in the user agreement is certainly implied through knowing participation on a forum.

Personally, I don’t care about making it functional or part of the forum here, just being able to brows the old static archives would be of benefit.