Opening port with pfsense

I have successfully installed yacy, and it is working internally.

I am using PFSense as my firewall.

I opened up the port as needed but it still does not connect. Will it connect automatically? When on the basic config page, I save after adding the port forwarding.

It does mention UPnP, which I am not sure how this affects things, and where to add this in pfsense.



I am checking back to see if anyone can help me to set up my pfsense to allow YACY to ne connected to the world outside of my own network.

Thanks for any help with thisa. I want t to this to see hwo this works better, and contribute to the YACY expanded network.

Hi Montrealjoe

I really can recommend ipfire as a firewall. Had the same problem there. the solution was to open uPnP (see my other article Opening Firewall Port 8090 is not Enough: uPnP is Missing).


I was able to make it work. I configured the firewall incorrectlty.