Parsers for additional file types (EPUB in particular)?

First, let me say thank you to the developers of Yacy. After playing around with it for several weeks, setting it up as a search engine for my home server, I’ve have been greatly impressed with how well it works, and now intend on setting up a public node so that I can contribute to the effort.

My question: I’ve set up Yacy to crawl my local file server, where I have all my photos, text files and videos stored and shared out over HTTPS. Among them are many ebooks in EPUB format. I’d like to be able to index and search them, the way I can search other file types. Is there a way to get Yacy to understand the EPUB format, or would this require additional coding within the app itself?
Knowing that under the hood, an EPUB is just a ZIP file containing parseable text files (which Yacy appears to be able to read and index), I tried modifying the MIME header for EPUB files sent by the web server, from “application/epub+zip” to “application/zip,” but it didn’t make any difference.

Hi G,
I’m ‘flat-out-like-a-lizard-drinking’ (trans = really busy) at the moment and cannot look/do it; however I would be a simple script that matches EPUB=Zip, probably Python. On the CV19 front line, so might be a weeks or two (12~14 min), before I’ve time to play-around/enjoy myself (ie. write a *.PY script). Hopefully some of the many responsible folks doing home isolation, might do it first … as a digression from watching flies or shooting cob-web spiders off the wall with rubber bands (home Olympics).

Cheers, keep well and don’t panic.