Peer name changed on its own

My Yacy instance just switched names. It also no longer receives DHT chunks ever since the name changed. I didn’t change any settings. Do names rotate automatically or something?

This happened to me when the settings file were broken due to overflowing the disk.
I set the desired name through the “Use Case & Account” menu.
After that, the name did not change spontaneously.

Perhaps you also have damaged settings file. Check the correctness of other settings, including DHT settings.

Yes, yesterday I also faced this glitch.
The name of my node, which existed for more than six months, suddenly changed spontaneously without any visible reasons.
I think this is error of the Yacy code.
The position of the node in the ring of Network scheme has also changed.

Other functioning is not violated, other settings have not damaged, the exchange of DHT continues normally.

It happened to me as well, several times. I suspect that visiting the page “Use Case & Account” without making any changes caused that, but I got no proof. Are we able to reproduce the behavior and find the exact moment, when it changes?

No, I did not touch this page. The node operates remotely, so the exact moment of the glitch is unknown, I went in and found that the name was already different.
Presumably, it has changed during the restart of the node.

Yes, it happened to me as well. I think that investigating the exact condition, when this happens, could help to find the reason of the bug.