Possible to mix Intranet Indexing and Regular Indexing?

So, I’m trying to index ClearNet websites as well as alternative network sites (Onion Sites, I2P sites, LokiNet sites, Yggdrasil sites)

Clearnet, Yggdrasil Network is working as intended.

LokiNet is seen internally as a local address, same as Tor onion sites. I haven’t tried I2P sites yet but that shouldn’t be a problem I don’t think.

When I set, “example.loki” as the index point, all seems good until the next page where I see the error:

Crawling of "http://example.loki " failed. Reason: denied_(the host ‘example.loki’ is local, but local addresses are not accepted:

Anyway to crawl these networks and have the results combined in one spot?

yes, but because that case has security problems that are not caused by the software but by the use case (NEVER publish the search page because it may reveal private information because intranet includes also the local file system) it is not available through the UI.

You can activate that by setting
network.unit.definition = defaults/yacy.network.allip.unit