Preservation of a high-valuable website


a few years ago I just discovered a website with a high valuable intention:

Many scientific and cultural organisations as well as companies and private persons are using this service to generate Permalinks and archive their cited source. A few weeks ago, the Service was down for a long time. I guess it’s because of GDPR and/or censoring issues, because non-scientific content gets archived here, too, eg.


Articles that some “entities” don’t want to be longer available on the net… I tried to archive it with the Internet Archive but it doesn’t work, their retrieval/mirroring algorithm doesn’t work very well with Webcitation. I already found a working solution with another provider:

IMHO in a free and open society it’s indispensable that we preserve as much as possible Webcitation Permalinks. Almost every big search gigant on the net isn’t very profitable regarding those links - but thanks to YaCy, we have a gigantic amount of them:

Could one of our developers please write a script to bulk-import these URLs into API documentation is here:

Thanks in advance