Prevent logging of IPs / Deleting of already logged IPs

On page /AccessTracker_p.html?page=0 and on the following pages are IPs logged. Is there any possibility to prevent further loggings and to delete the already logged IPs?

And are there further places, where information about the visitors is logged - and could I delete them as well?

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There are some IP informations of the peers even under Network Access - Access Tracker - Remote Search - Host Tracker.
If YaCy is privacy oriented I have no idea why do we need such information on the portal…

Personally I’d rather simply wipe/delete the logs :exclamation:(though not yacy00.log (at least not while lock file is present)):exclamation: at intervals. It would seem be easier.

I mean, if one gonna do no-log , then no logs is the thing :rofl:

Though, sed , in combination with cron is always a friend to replace/strip stuff in files :slight_smile::beers:

DISCLAIMER: Not sure if deleting/wiping logs other than 00.log might affect e.g Network.html or AccessGrid_p.html view

There should not be IPs in the logs. If you find some, please quote the exact entry here BUT wipe the actual IP (replace with xx.xx.xx.xx).

I you see IPs in /AccessTracker_p.html then that is NOT a hint that you have these numbers in the log.

However: P2P does not work without knowing IP addresses of other peers. Every peer has connection information about other peers and stores them - without that you don’t have a network. The /AccessTracker_p.html pages simply makes transparent that your peer knows these IP addresses. There should NOT be a history of previously connected IPs, only actual IPs of peers.

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