Question regarding crawler Latency Factor/LF

Am I understanding it correctly that if i increase LF/Latency Factor in crawler, it’d simply download/request pages a bit more slowly?

And am I correct then guessing the default 0.5 is in seconds . Meaning if i put it to 2.0 , the crawler(s) would aim to download each page within 2 seconds, rather than half a second ? (And thereby consuming slightly less bandwidth ?)

PS: I basically only use Auto-Crawling , so “slow-and-steady” is my preference :slight_smile:

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Same question

By reading the source code:
208: waiting = Math.max(waiting, (int) (host.average() * Switchboard.getSwitchboard().getConfigFloat(SwitchboardConstants.CRAWLER_LATENCY_FACTOR, 0.5f)));

LF is a multiplier to the average host response time. The result is compared with the robots.txt delay and agent delay and the larger value is used as the actual delay time.

LF = 0.5
average host response = 500ms
robots.txt = 200ms
agent delay = 10ms

=> delay that will be used = MAX(0.5 x 500, 200, 10) = 250ms

There maybe also more factors that affect delay time, Orbiter can explain this better.