Question regarding using Auto Crawler query to 'map' specific top-level-domain

I’ve been experimenting with Auto Crawler’s query setting, attempting to use it as kind of a background task that emphasize on discovering unindexed *.no (Norwegian) domains. But i’m not sure if the Query string could perhaps be better.

This is the query i’m currently testing out, though i’m not even sure if i’m using correct Solr fields (or even syntax):

host_s:*.no AND cr_host_count_i:[* TO 500]

Here’s my intention:

  1. to mostly emphasize on *.no domains with auto crawl
  2. to mostly focus on discovering more *.no domains with auto crawl
  3. to mostly emphasize on any *.no sites that have a number of recordings less than than e.g 500

Might even perhaps simply language_s:no be more effective instead of host_s:*.no ?

btw, do i perhaps need to escape * and : etc. , in the query string? Or does YaCy do that by itself.

If anyone got any tips, correction or suggestions on my Solr query, please let me know :smiley:

This seems to have made it go whizz-bang onto the desired task :smile::beers:

host_s:*.no AND language_s:no AND host_extent_i:[* TO 500]^100