Restart script to keep YaCy running for more than few days

Since my instance of YaCy was stuck every few days, I created a script, intended to be run from cron unix utility every day. It increased the durability of instance without necessity of operator’s involvement from days to virtually unlimited time.

To run a script, use crontab -e to edit crontab table of user “yacy” and add a line like this:
0 3 * * * /path/to/script/
to restart yacy at 3AM every day.

I placed a PR to yacy repository.
But since the PRs are not merged for ages, I collect all my patches in this branch as well – and everyone is welcome to use it and to contribute. I call it okyacy and it’s probably… a fork. Out of lack of patience.

sorry for not observing the pull requests! I merged your requests meanwhile and the pull request list is now empty.

Yes, thanks! Now it’s documentation PRs, what is pending there in queue for a long time…