Running in senior mode, but cannot access my YaCy from public address


I’ve just installed YaCy on the latest Linux Mint, and I can see my YaCy page on localhost:8090. I’ve opened the port on my router (BBox Proximus), the mint firewall is disabled as it is by default, and I’m crawling the web as I speak. It’s says I’m running in senior mode. So everything seems to be fine in terms of connectivity, except I cannot a access YaCy through my public IP.

What did I forget?

Thank you.

Are you attempting to access your public address from within your internal LAN?

If so, that will very rarely work since you’d like be pointed to your router. And the router/gateway probably just seeing it as a request as coming from itself, to itself.

Try using a computer outside of your LAN, e.g a cellphone, Tor browser or some some proxy. And i’m sure you’ll find that it’s actually working as intended.

Or. Rather use this Check website performance and response: Check host - online website monitoring (or some similar service) . Albeit, the fact that you get ‘Senior’ status should imply that it’s all actually fine as far as public is concerned.


(adjust host=<domain/publicip:port> as needed)

’200 (OK)’ responses means it’s all fine as viewed from ‘public’ / Internet :+1:

From within the LAN, however, in most cases you must use the LAN address (and actual port) of the computer serving up YaCY . NOT it’s WAN/Internet/Public address, or any redirecting port set at the router/gateway.

And if you are using a domain, dynamic or not, unless you have a DNS server at your gateway/router that is mindful of wheter or not it’s handling requests coming from inside LAN, or somewhere from outside, adding the domain/hostname manually to /etc/hosts (in a Linux scenario), to point to yacy server’s LAN IP, is often easiest

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