Search available for everyone & hidden administration pages?

Hi people,

Is it possible to have the search engine available for everyone but have ALL of the administration pages (including the ‘unlocked’ pages like Status.html) hidden for everyone except the admin?

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Nobody knows? :slightly_frowning_face:

I guess not. I came here searching for the answer to the exact same question.

I think you may navigate to /ConfigSearchPage_p.html and disable the header which shows login and the link to the administration pages. You may also use the search box nested inside another page of yours (check here /ConfigSearchBox.html)

Is this what you want?

TonZ, the administration pages are not hidden if they do not expose personal or critical information.
They are visible for the cause to make every instance transparent to users, to show them that the search engine can be administrated by everyone.

Everything that is used to steer your peer is hidden for anonymous users, so don’t be afraid.

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No, not configurable to the way people want to display searches.

Forgot to add in, you can use the API to create your own search page.